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SANIKILL Monochloramine for Healthcare Facilities

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Since June 2017 when the first Center for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS) memo was published, all healthcare facilities had to conduct a facility risk assessment to identify where Legionella could grow and implement a water management program that considers the ASHRAE industry standard and the CDC toolkit.

We offer a complete water hygiene solution for hospitals, nursing homes, public and private clinics that keeps buildings and buildings’ occupants safe from Legionella with the SANIKILL technology, the Monochloramine for Healthcare Facilities.

Is water disinfection for the healthcare sector really essential?

YES! Legionella comes in the buildings from city water, it colonizes the plumbing system and contaminates distal sites.

Legionella can cause a fatal pulmonary infection called Legionellosis or Legionaires’ disease (LD). It can be fatal in approximately 25% of the healthcare reported cases and fatality rates can be as high as 30% in immunocompromised people. As a part of Legionella prevention/remediation techniques, supplemental disinfection is often suggested in the water management plan.

Legionella colonizes the plumbing system

Legionella contaminates distal sites

Legionella can cause a fatal infection

SANIKILL: the most effective technology against Legionella and other waterborne pathogen

Peer reviewed field studies demonstrated that just after one week from the beginning of treatment Legionella distal sites’ positivity was reduced by 97% .

As of right now, Sanipur has more than 400 SANIKILL monochloramine generators operating in the field that keep the patients of almost 300 hospitals and nursing homes safe from waterborne pathogens infections.

SANIKILL is the patented
technology against


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Dedicated solution for Healthcare Facilities


SANIKILL monochloramine technology to Prevent Legionella in health care facilities.

Sanikill: technology against Legionella

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