SaniSweep chlorine dioxide generators

While monochloramine is the best choice for building water system, some process applications require a stronger and faster disinfectant.

This is the reason why Sanipur developed SaniSweep: the chlorine dioxide generator.

Chlorine dioxide as an oxidant

Chlorine dioxide is an extremely effective water osidant and disinfectant.

SaniSweep has several advantages over traditional chlorine:

  • No pH dependent
  • Faster and stronger disinfectant
  • Does not produce THMs and HAA5

One of the greatest limitations of chlorine dioxide is the storage of highly concentrated ClO2 solutions. Thanks to the SaniSweep technology design, chlorine dioxide is produced on-site and stock of ClO2 concentrated solutions is not needed.

SaniSweep main applications

SaniSweep is the ideal solution for the disinfection and the remediation of waterborne pathogens in process waters and industrial applications.

Thanks to its high oxidant level, SaniSweep ClO2 can used in applications with short contact times.

The chlorine dioxide production rate of the SaniSweep generators varies from 0.01 to 5 lb/h which makes them suitable for any type of process application, from low flowrates of few gallons per minutes to big applications with water consumption rates in the range of million of gallons per day.

The safe chlorine dioxide generators

The Sanipur solution for Legionella and other waterborne pathogens remediation with chlorine dioxide for any kind of process applications.

SaniSweep is produced on-site with diluted solutions of NaClO2 and HCl. The two reagents are added in the reactor by means of two precise electromagnetic dosing pumps. The controller automatically adjusts the pumps feed rate based on water consumption and chlorine dioxide demand in the water system.

All the SaniSweep chlorine dioxide generators are equipped with state of the art safety feature and with 24/7 remote control monitoring.