Become a distributor

Sanipur provides distributor partners with a unique opportunity to beacome a distributor and to leverage the growing need for a more effective solution to water treatment that more effectively Destroys Legionella. Not Pipes.

The demand for water hygiene technologies has been constantly increasing in the last years in order to protect buildings occupants from waterborne pathogens.

Partnering with Sanipur will provide you long term solutions for Legionella and other waterborne pathogens remediation to help your clients: the SANIKILL monochloramine generators and the point of use Filt’Ray 2G filters.

The SANIKILL monochloramine generators can find any type of business opportunity from healthcare to hospitalities such as hotels and casinos.

Sanipur has also an intensive experience with permitting application of supplemental disinfection system. By partnering with Sanipur you can establish yourself as the disinfection expert with States regulatory agencies and use Sanipur as a resource to educate Regulators on the unique efficacy of monochloramine.

With the SANIKILL monochloramine technology by working with the Sanipur qualified team you can ensure yourself a long-term revenue stream.



Do you want to become our Distributors?
Become Distributors means start a new adventure that certified you at different levels that can include coverage, volume or new business goals.


Distributor personnel undergo specific training to become qualified to sell and service Sanipur products.
Our training provide all the right tools to sales reps to promotes our products.
The training are focused on the science behind the technology with particular attention to the current market drivers such as Regular and Directives.


Protecting your well-developed relationships.
Sanipur will support the new distributors in keeping the key account relationship and growing the new one.


Our commitment is the remote monitoring of system operation ensures 24/7 control.
Thanks to this service Sanipur will detect compliance and risks before its happen.


Sales and promotional support for Sanipur products.
Thanks to an expert team Sanipur can support you to developed a tailor maid marketing planning with the aim to promote Sanipur products.


Do you know that we are chosen by excellences? Become a distributor and join our community.

Send an email to [email protected] to schedule an indtroductory call between Sanipur and your professional water treatment firm.