Sales and Technical training

Sanipur provides sales and technical trainings for new and existing distributors. If you would like to schedule your training, please send an email to [email protected]

Training courses


Sanipur organizes sales and technical training for authorized Distributor’s sales and technical reps either on-site or via web conference.

Sales training: all the right tools in your hands


The sales training provides all the right tools to sales reps in order to feel comfortable in the water hygiene market.

The sales trainings are focused on what are the options to prevent Legionella, water management plans and teams, stakeholders in the water hygiene market, market drivers and current regulations in each state.

Technical training: to make it the easiest for the tech reps out in the field 

The technical training are aimed for Distributors technical reps and on site maintenance operators.

The technical training are designed in order to provide to the technicians a complete and solid background on how to manage the water treatment units and how to troubleshoot possible problems.

The sale and technical training is the opportunity to study product theory and practical information on the Sanipur’s products.

It is the opportunity to learn all the details and selling points about our technology.