SaniWare, the monochloramine monitoring

 SaniWare helps you to control and to monitor multiple parameters on virtually any water treatment process.

The best solution to help you monitoring monochloramine.

Simplicity, intuitive and reliability for monochloramine monitoring


SaniWare Water Hygiene Monitor integrates advanced sensing, instrumentation, fluid handling, and data communications technologies to bring you the most sophisticated water hygiene monitoring in the industry. The monochloramine monitoring was not so easy thanks to the simple and intuitive programming that makes it easy to configure your SaniWare SMS+ to control or monitor multiple parameters on virtually any water treatment process.

SaniWare technical information

SaniWare offers not only the monochloramine monitoring but also it monitors the complete range of direct sensor inputs: conductivity, pH, oxidant level (ORP, Free or Total chlorine), temperature and pressure. The panel provides VHA Directive 1061 compliance for water quality monitoring and will interface with any BAS. SaniWare panels are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Two different designs: single and dual configurations to monitor either one or two water systems with just one controller. 

Communications standards


  • USB plug-n-play for local laptop communications;
  • Ethernet for LAN communications;
  • Internal analog modem (optional)
  • Internal cellular modem;
  • ModBus TCP/IP Communications
  • BacNet Integration Compatibility