Monochloramine certification: European BPR/PT5

SANIKILL is the only science-proof monochloramine generator for Legionella remediation that obtained the drinking water approval (BPR PT5) from the European Chemical Agency (ECHA)

Sanipur and the “European Monochloramine Cooperation”

Sanipur has esrablished the “European Monochloramine Cooperation” with the aim to protect the application of monochloramine as a bicide for drinkig water (PT5).

Sanipur is the only one European Companies authorized to place on market monochloramine-based biocidal technologies for the disinfection of drinking water.

Sanipur registered its own Biocide Dossier to ECHA on August 30th 2016.

European Biocidal Products regulation (EU BPR): Monochloramine certification

In Europe has been in force the European Biocidal Products Regulation (EU BPR) n. 528/2012, repealing and replacing the Biocides Directive (BPD) n. 98/8/CE. It deals with the placing on the market and the use of biocides for human’s health and environments protection.

As an European Regulation, it shall take immediately effect without the needed of approval by each Member Country.

Monochloramine in the Eruopean Biocidal Products Regulation

  1. Who intends to place on the market a monochloramine-based technology must register the biocide dossier and get the relative authorization, appearing on the approved suppliers list: art. 95
  2. Only who has deposited the dossier by September 1st 2016 has the right to keep on the market its own technology on the basis of the transitional regulations (art. 93). In Italy, Sanipur Srl is the only supplier that has done it.
  3. As an in situ generated biocide, monochloramine and its production is strictly linked to the approved technology (regardless the presence of a related patent)
  4. Who didn’t register the dossier by 1st September 2016 will not appear on the authorized suppliers list and, thus, cannot place on the market any monochloramine-based biocide.
  5. Non-authorized technologies cannot remain in operation.
  6. Sanipur has established the “European Monochloramine Cooperation” with the aim to protect the application of monochloramine as a biocide for drinking water (PT5).

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