SANIKILL technology and monochloramine certification

The most effective technology against Legionella.

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SANIKILL hystory

The SANIKILL technology was invented and developed by Sanipur just before 2010 in the northern region of Italy.

Sanipur had a strong background of water disinfection with chlorine first and then chlorine dioxide since the 1980s”, but Sanipur’s scientists and R&D team had the idea to build the first monochloramine generator in the world for building applications after that the results from a study on the San Francisco water utility were published on the Journal of AWWA in 2006.

San Francisco case hystory

Before the city of San Francisco switched from the use of regular chlorine to monochloramine, 60% of 53 buildings in the San Francisco area were colonized by Legionella. After that the public water utility started for feed monochloramine in the distribution system, the rate of positivity went down to 4%.

The results were clear, monochloramine is the best tool in the fight against Legionella. This is why the SANIKILL technology was developed.

SANIKILL technology

Since day one, Sanipur always implemented the latest scientific upgrades and state of the art safety features for the development of a reliable product that has now become the gold standard in the water hygiene market.

SANIKILL monochloramine can be applied on cold and/or hot water, but Sanipur holds an international patent for the application and control of monochloramine in drinking hot water and it is the only company that can do so in the United States and in Europe.

The entire SANIKIL assembly is certified to NSF/ANSI Std. 61 as drinking water components and all the Sanikill precursors are certified to NSF/ANSI Std. 60 as drinking water additives.

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