No pipe corrosion due to disinfection

Plumbing material corrosion is one of the biggest concerns when a supplemental disinfection system is installed into a building. High corrosion rates result in high capital cost to replace pipes and other building water system equipment.

The corrosion problem

The corrosion rates are influenced by several different factors and the type of disinfectant is one of them.

Thanks to its lower oxidation potential and its stability, monochloramine has demonstrated to be far less aggressive than traditional chlorine and chlorine dioxide towards all pipe materials.

Monochloramine does not directly react with metals, but free ammonia could increase the metal release rates especially with copper plumbing systems. The key is then to have a system that is capable to control and diminish the ammonia formation rates when monochloramine is used as a supplemental disinfectant. This is one of the key features of the patented SANIKILL monochloramine technology: complete free ammonia control.



Scientific studies demonstrated that chlorine and chlorine dioxide are extremely aggressive on pipes at concentrations that are as low as 0.50 ppm and 1.00 ppm respectively. Monochloramine instead, barely influences pipes at concentrations of 2.00 ppm. (Rahman, et Al., Journal of Environmental Engineering, 2007).

Chlorine and chlorine dioxide are aggressive towards both metallic and plastic pipes. They will increase the corrosion rates of copper and other metallic component favoring the formation of pitting corrosion. Chlorine and chlorine dioxide will also oxidize the plasticizers in plastic plumbing components with the result of plastic embrittlement and premature material failures.

SANIKILL monochloramine technlogy

SANIKILL is the most effective technology to prevent Legionella.

It is the first monochloramine water treatment unit that has been designed for industrial and drinking water applications. SANIKILL is a complete patented system for the production and addition of monochloramine for disinfection and control of the colonization of waterborne pathogens in industrial and domestic water plumbing systems.

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