Predictive: the remote control

The first remote management system for your anti-legionella SANIKILL units and other Sanipur technology

Continuous innovation

Do you want to be always in direct contact with SANIKILL units?

The solution is the  last generation remote control that SANIKILL are equipped with.

The remote control system offers also a live alarm notification. You will receive a live-time email and a text message when something wrong happens.

Data Recording 24h

Data recorded are:

  • ORP levels,
  • pH,
  • temperature,
  • total and free chlorine residuals,
  • water usage,
  • monochloramine production rates.

Main features:

  • User Friendly –  an easy interface for the last generation system with the most sophisticated technology,
  • Alarm notification,
  • 24h data recording and download,
  • Remote access,
  • Predict the problem – thanks to the data recording it’s easy to predict if an issue is going to occur.


Remote access from your office

Once the system is connected to Sanipur’s remote secure web system Sanipur will give access to the technicians and the onsite personnel to a dedicated page where the operators can monitor the units at any time.

Designated on-site operators and Distributor’s technical reps will have remote access to the unit/s dedicated page (synoptic) via Sanipur’s server.

This allows to monitor the unit/s and manage them without being on site.

The webpage is fully customizable, and the users can download any data in .csv format at any time.