Monochloramine: Disinfectant Stability in Water

Monochloramine stability helps this biocide to remain stable and effective at the proper concentration in low flow regimes where other biocides fail.

Disinfectant stability in water

Look at the graph on this side…

It shows the effect of pH on the relative concentration of these three molecules: thanks to the chemical bond between chlorine and nitrogen instead of oxygen, SANIKILL monochloramine is the most stable disinfectant available. Chlorine and chlorine dioxide are less stable than monochloramine and therefore they cannot reach all the fixtures/distal sites and dead legs of the plumbing system.




pH in drinking water:

  • Monochloramine is present 100% in its active form
  • Hypochlorous acid is present in a mixture
  • Free chlorine loses its biocide activity as the pH increases while it keeps its oxidizing power: high corrosive potential
  • Monochloramine leading to high biocidal efficacy and much lower corrosivity

With SANIKILL monochloramine it is easy to establish a maintain a uniform residual throughout a building water system to keep the occupants safe. This is the reason why most of the biggest public water supplies in the United States are switching from chlorine to monochloramine.

Thanks to its stability, SANIKILL monochloramine has demonstrated a unique effectiveness against Legionella, you can find the results of the study carried out by Dr. Janet Stout and published in the scientific literature here (

Biofilm penetration


Monochloramine has lower oxidant potential of this disinfection, that means: better Biofilm penetration and kill bacteria inside it.

Monochloramine is a suitable biocide for secondary disinfection where long contact time between the biocide and the bacteria is achieved.

Monochloramine stability helps this biocide remain stable and effective at the proper concentration in low flow regimes (oversized pipes, temporary dead legs, varying flow situations) where other biocides fail.

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