Innovative bio-based, eco-friendly technology that allows an effective biofilm removal and a subsequent deep sanitation of water distribution systems.

It is the ideal solution for all those systems where microbial water quality is crucial. Thanks to its formulation, it conciliates high performance, material compatibility, reduced environmental impact and user safety.

New cleaning&disinfection formulations.

Innovative solutions for biofilm removal with new raw materials:

  • bio-based
  • eco- and bio-compatible
  • from renewable sources
  • with reduced environmental impact
  • zero residue

Zero.B Kit: innovative solution for dental unit waterlines.

Organic (biofilm) and inorganic (scale) deposits on dental unit waterlines:

  • Compromised water quality -> health risk
  • Reduced internal lumen and subsequent decrease of the water flow à issues with instrument functionality

Zero.B ensures:

  • Effective removal of organic and inorganic deposits
  • Reduction of microbial load
  • Elimination of pathogens (e.g. Legionella)
  • Compatibility with all the components of dental units waterlines

Zero.B, specific applications: water houses

Microbial remediation of water distribution system of water houses

  • High microbial load and P. aeruginosa contamination.
  • Remediation attempts with traditional products à ineffective

Zero.B active components disturb biofilm structure, inducing its subsequent destabilization, decomposition and complete removal.

Zero.B, specific applications: fresh-cut produce industry

Biofilm in fresh-cut industry plant washing lines à high chlorine demand

  • High chemical consumption
  • Increase of process costs
  • Issues with disinfection by-products regulation compliance

Washing lines treatment with Zero.B protocol

  • Quantitative biofilm removal
  • Deep cleaning and sanitation
  • Reduction of chlorine demand
  • Reduction of chlorine dosage
  • Restoration of DBP compliance

Medical device factory using water in the manufacturing process.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa contamination in water system:

  • Several ineffective disinfection attempts with different biocides
  • Reapperance of contamination soon after treatment
  • Increasing risk for both quality and safety of the final products

Treatment with two-phase Zero.B protocol

  • Biofilm elimination
  • Immediate zeroing of P. aeruginosa contamination
  • Long term eradication

Zero.B, for specific application: hot tubs

5-stars hotel hot tub sanitization

  • Cleaning routine according to manufacturer’s instruction
  • Release of dark particulate into the water during usage
  • Compromised condition of microbial water quality

Thanks to its formulations, obtained from bio-based, eco- and bio-compatible, renewable sources with ‘‘zero residue’’, it ensures a significant reduction of environmental impact.

It allows an effective biofilm removal and a subsequent deep sanitation of water distribution systems in several applications.

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