SaniSweep Standard, the Chlorine Dioxide

The Sanipur solutions for Legionella remediation with ClO2.

SaniSweep standard Technologies

Chlorine dioxide was shown to be an effective biocide in fighting Legionella into hot water networks.

Together with a suitable Legionellosis Prevention plan SaniSweep standard helps to solve Legionella problems in hospitals, clinics, hotels and resorts.

The SaniSWEEP chlorine dioxide is not pH dependent and produces less disinfectant by-products compared with traditional chlorine.

The chlorine dioxide produced rate of SaniSWEEP generators varies from 0.01 to 5 lb/h which makes them suitable for any type of process application.

How does it work?

SaniSweep standard units work with diluted chemicals hydrochloric acid  and sodium chlorite.

Reagents dosing system with two electro-magnetic pumps with electronic control on board completely equipped with knob, valve  and drain of sending line.

The production reactor is controlled by sensors for dosage and it is contained in a dust proof polyester box made with a ventilation system.

Take a look at the graph on this side…

Special GSM/GPRS WAP electronic controllers allows a continuous control of ClO2 concentration, which does not vary with hot water consumption fluctuation.

Technical Specification

Production max from 5 to 1500 g/h
Working Pressure max 10 bar
Reagent dosing amount max from 0.9 to 39 l/h
Power Supply Standard: 220 Vac 50/60 Hz
Optional: 110 Vac 50/60 Hz
Power installed 1.5 kW
Class of production IP 65
Dimensions 850x1090x370 mm
Materials PVC-U
Reagents to be used Hydrolic acid
Sodium Chlorite