Research & development is the key role of the company. Sanipur is constantly evolving and innovating: Sanipur invests in R&D about the 11.2% of turnover and it has deposited 5 exclusive patents for water treatment. Working in R&D means creating synergies with the best professionals and designing, studying and testing new solution for the water treatment.

Sales, Marketing and After Sales Services
Sanipur consists of a team of experts who always find innovative and competitive solutions to offer the most effective products on the market. These are  the challenges that Sanipur expert team tackle in their work. It is important to emphasize the international context in which these figures can be found to operate.

Sales Administration, Logistics and Purchasing
Working in Sanipur in the areas of sales administration, logistics and purchasing means becoming part of a fast growing reality that operates from an increasingly global perspective. Furthermore, these sectors can offer great working opportunities for experts and young talent. Thanks to this sector it is possible to work together with professionals.

Specialized technicians
The strength of Sanipur is to have a team of specialized technicians who treat each intervention in a professional way. Our technicians are well trained and specialized both in classroom and in the field. This procedure allow Sanipur to have specialized technicians on the whole territory. Working in this area requires dedication ad physical effort.

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