Sanipur’s strenght is the ability to design and offer customized solutions for each demand thanks to a strong R&D department which is composed by multidisciplinary scientist able to develop new technologies and to adapt the existing ones for a wide of different applications.

Aqueducts and municipalities

Since the starting point of the Company, Sanipur has always been the ideal partner for Drinking Water Company by offering different services from the cleaning and disinfection of tanks to the water treatment and disinfection into the buildings.

Health care facilities

Sanipur’s Sanitary Division offers a complete service for air/water treatment and managing into hospitals, nursing homes, public and private clinics.

Accommodation and SPA:

The monitoring and the quality of air and water is of primary importance for touristic and recreational accommodation. Sanipur, thanks to its deep experience, offers a 360° service which allows to control the hygiene and to clean all the plumbing systems, even in particular cases as thermal waters.


In order to meet the high quality, safety and hygiene levels, it is of fundamental importance to keep high microbiological standards. Sanipur proposes numerous solutions for the disinfection of water distribution plants and for the treatment and disinfection of dentist chairs.

Food & Beverages

Sanipur® has several collaboration with Food & Beverages companies. Thanks to the teamwork with these companies new methods and solutions have been developed, such as veggies and meat wash and the treatment and disinfection of process water.