Sanipur is a leader company for water treatment and disinfection and for the prevention of Legionellosis and other diseases caused by pathogens which are transmitted by water and air. The R&D department is always at work to develop new products and develop new technologies, as well as in the project of customized solutions based on the requirements of each single customer.

Monochloramine based patented technology SANIKILL®

Sanipur offers the best monochloramine based technology on the market: SANIKILL. Based of diluted and non-toxic reagents and approved in USA and Europe, SANIKILL has scientifically proven to be the most effective technology for Legionella remediation in the world.

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Chlorine dioxide based technology

Chlorine dioxide has proved to be an efficient biocide against different Legionella species and other bacteria. The Sanipur’s technology, named SANISWEP, allows an efficient production and usage of chlorine dioxide with high safety levels.

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Sanipur also offers point of use filters we call FILT’RAY 2G TM (aqua-tools) another addition to our complete source for ensuring legionella remediation. Aqua Tools POU Filters can be used in conjunction with our Disinfection systems and have several versions that can adapt to your application. They are comprised of state of the art filter technologies such as a self-cleaning Bubl’air WashTM

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Shock treatment disinfection

In order to meet the high quality, safety and hygiene levels, it is of fundamental importance to keep high microbiological standards. Sanipur proposes numerous solutions for the disinfection of water distribution plants and for the treatment and disinfection of dentist chairs.

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Others (H2O2 | Hypochlorite)

Beside to the patented SANIKILL monochloramine generators, and the SANISWEEP ClO2 producer, Sanipur offers a wide range of products for the continuous treatment of water distribution pipes.

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