SANIKILL for industrial applications: SANIKILL Tec

The monochloramine solution for the Prevention of Legionellosis.

The units for industrial applications

SANIKILL Tec is the monochloramine generator developed by Sanipur for water disinfection in industrial applications.

Sanikill Tec units is developed to work with concentrated reagent in order to decrease the stock volumes.

It is equipped with a 24/7 remote control system that ensures a continuous data recording.

The unit is designed with last generation safety features (flow sensors and switches, level sensors and backpressure valves)

SANIKILL Tec and monochloramine

SANIKILL-Tec produces monochloramine up to 1,000 g/h in its standard configuration with a single dosage point.

The system can be upgraded with a multi-dosage system that allows to dose the biocide in different locations with the same unit.

SANIKILL-Tec can be also developed with production rates up to 6,000 g/h for special industrial applications.

SANIKILL Tec Applications

SANIKILL-TEC is suitable for different industrial applications:

  • Large cooling towers;
  • Process water;
  • Municipalities.

SANIKILL for industrial applications: specifications

Maximum monochloramine production range (g/h) 1000
Maximum operating temperature 60° C (140° F)
Maximum operating pressure (psi) 70
Electronic control unit IP55
Unit size
Power supply 220VAC 50Hz

110VAC 60HZ

Power consumption Max 500W
Materials Standard: U-PVC

Optional PVDF

Reagents to be used Enoxion P12.5 Zebion L35